What a voice – MashAllah.

An eight year old kid reciting some verses of Sura Yasin from the Holy Quran..Look how beautiful his voice is.



Want to hear more? please visit:
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  1. Wow! Masha Allah..

    Very Impressed..

    May Allah Subhanahu Wata’la Bless him and his prarents.

    Keep up all the good work.

  2. As’salamu aleikom wa’rahmatuhAllahi wa’barakatuh.
    Ameen for you du’a.
    I found this beautiful voice at video.google.com, but i don’t know his name or which country he came from.
    So if anyone know anything please tell my.

    Imanflash – (The Admin of this Danish/English/Arabic islamic multimedia blog) http://www.imanflash.wordpress.com

  3. Very pleasurable…any chance of a name, instead of some ‘kid’?!


  4. Assalato Wassalamo alayka Yarasulullah (Swallallaho aleihiwasallam) Wa Ala Alika Wa Ashabika YahibabAllah (Swallallaho aleihi wasallam).

    MashAllah , Very beautiful voice!

  5. As-salaam Alaikum wa-rahmatullahi barakatahu,

    Wishing this wonderful Child & his family Ramadan Mubarak & Dua in prayers.

    Wish we have more like him in this world.

    Allah Haafiz


  6. Subhanallah…thanks for sharing with us. May Allah s.w.t. bless you and give you more courage and energy to help Ummah and mankind ameen. How to get whole surah recitation of this young Muslim or is there any website from where we can downloead.
    Thanks and wassalam. May Allah s.w.t. give all of 1.6billion muslims guts to read with taranum and tartil ameen.
    saleem haji ahmed

  7. MASHALLAH WOW .. mashalla3 3alih

  8. ماشاءالله على الصوت

  9. mashalla3 3alih

  10. Aslam o alaikum wr wb
    mashAllah,what a nice voice and what a cute littel muslim brother!

    may Allah bless him and his love ones,may Allah guides whole muslim ummah! ameen

    jazak Allah chair for sharing!

  11. As-salaam Alaikum wa-rahmatullahi barakatahu

    MashAllah , such a beautiful voice, I am absolutely speechless. May Allah SWT bless him and his family.

    I would like to wish him the very best in life!!

    Allah Hafiz


  12. Masha Allah !!! Beautifull voice

  13. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

  14. Mahsallah

    He’s copying the tune of Qari Jibreen from Egypt so might be from but he is soooo inspiring and wants me to strive for my target even more inshallah!!!!


  15. Asalamu aleykum wa rahmatu lahi wa barakatu. Masha allah

  16. mashalla 3alaih allah y5aleeh o ya7fe’9a 7ag haleh inshalla 🙂

  17. mashallah…………….ala yezeed min imthalih

  18. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    ماشاء الله عليه

    الله يحفظه يارب لأهله …ويرزقني ابن مثله

    حبيبي صوته رائع واكثر من رائع …اتمنى ان يكون قارء معروف في المستقبل مثل احمد العجمي

    الله يحفظك يارب يا حبيبي

  19. He is adorable…mash’Allah prayed Surah Yasin sooo well! Bless him.x

  20. Mashalla what a beautiful voice and very clear recitation.
    May Allah (swt) give him and his family all his blessing.

  21. بارك اللة فيك و عسي ان يكون مثلاً لكل أسة ان يحتزي بة اطفالهم

  22. Marshallah very beautiful enlightening voice! May allah continue to bless him and others with such qualities….Ameen.

  23. ALLAHU AKHBAR! May Allah make him prosper in this like and the next and make all our Youth recite in the best form. Ameen

  24. HI

    Great voice

    My mother loves it and woudl like to play this on dvd or windows media player , anyone know how to do this

    Thank you

    Allah Hafiz

  25. As’salamu aleikom Nadeem.

    I will inshAllah soon upload it in avi format.
    Then you mother and other people can play this clip in media player. But be patient 🙂


  26. ماشاء اللة تبارك اللة على الصوت الجميل, اللة يحفظك والى الأمام انشاءالله

  27. Assalamo Alaikum

    I would like to request a full Tilawat of Surah Yaseen by this kid.

    If its not available, then i would like to request his parents, teachers to get him to recite whole Surah Yaasin.

    If you have any more Tilawat by him, please email Mp3s to me on Maksuds@Yahoo.com or Maksuds@Hotmail.com


    Once again!!! Well Done!! Mashaa Allah.

    Very good voice!!!!

  28. Salam Again….
    What is the name of this Little Qari.

  29. wow! mashallah what a powerful voice at such a young age!!

    Got here through a friend’s email. mashallah good stuff you have here.

  30. sick voice. magnificent verse and ayah.

  31. MashaAllah . what a beutiful recitation

  32. Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmat Allahi Ta’ala wa Bara’katuhu Ma’sha-Allah Subhan-Allah Allahu Ukbar Rubbuna Subhan wa Ta’ala (swt) has blessed this Angelic child with the voice of innocence with true Haqiqat of Surah Yasin (saw). This is a true sign of A’khir uz-Zaman when the children of this time will be of great knowledge & hikmah as well as teaching to our elders (may Allah (swt) keep us on the straight path)& for our future generation. May Allah (swt) bless the family of this young qari for raising him with Ikhlas from seeing so much Nur on his face, & that he be an example to our youth today that they may reach to the level of Sainthood. May we all learn from what we see, do, & act upon what we say. thougth the Sunnah of Our Beloved One Rasul-Allah (saw) wa A’lihi wa Sahbihi A’jmaeen A’meen Ameen thuma A’meen Allah Bless You & Forgive me. Ma’a Salaama wa Ramadhan Mubarak

  33. الله اكبر

  34. so nice

    i love ur vioce and i love u

  35. WOW! Mashalla I am very amazed, excellent performance young boy 🙂 May Allah bless you 🙂

  36. wow this voice really does bring to reality how allah has created some with voices of angels. Thanks for passing this on it is beautiful


    Allah-ho-akbar and this can be vitness of that the ALLAH IS REALLY GREAT. Allah gives where ALLAH WANTS TO GIVE AND ALLAH IS QADIR!

    MASHALLAH youg boy you have a big rahmat of Allah. Keep working and great performance by these QUAID of tajwid and using of these QUAID was really touching in my heart.
    My du3a for you is that Allah gives you more and you study QURAN by heart… AMIN WA THOMMA AMIN!

  38. Allah-u Ekber!!!

  39. As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah!
    May Allah continue to bless him and his parents, ameen!

  40. SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah. MashaAllah. This child’s gift to Muslim Ummah is a reminder to all the parents who don’t have children yet, the ones who have infants and toddlers. Those of us, who missed this kind of opportunity… May Allah (SWT) give us hidayat to work with our children, and InshaAllah teach our children Quran at a early age. May Allah (SWT) protect this child in this world and reward him in hearafter. (Ameen)

  41. Asalaamu alaikum,

    SubhanAllah! MashAllah what a magnificent voice for such a young boy. MashAllah! May Allah bless you and your parents and reward you in the Hereafter. Aameen.

  42. Mashallah amazing anyone know the name of this angel?

    msn or email ishy187@hotmail.com

  43. By The Name of GOD

    Ma sha Allah, I would like to receive media player which contains his voice while reading the Holly Book of Quran. Thank you in Advance. God Bless him !

  44. ما شاء الله تبارك الله !! .. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G ..
    اللهم بارك له دنياه و اخرته ,و اجعل القران شهيداً له ,
    و اجعله امام الحرم المكي


  45. ohhhh so beautiful if only all of us followed islam in such a good way. Mashallah i really loved it

  46. MASHALLAH, I really loved it


  48. mashallah what a beautiful voice i m really impressed god bless him…….

  49. As’salamu aleikom everybody 🙂

    Here is some of his tilawat for download (mp3):


  50. slam 3lekom

    gzak allah kol 7’er


  51. salamo 3aleikom wa rahmato allaho wa barakatoh
    masha2 allah , barak allaho feih wa 7afezaho wa nafa3 beh al omma al islamyaa (Ameen)

  52. yes i young basset

  53. Baraa Allah fi Ahmad wa fi walidine Ahmad – jazakom Allah koul kheir – baraka Allaho fikom – Allahoma ekther min amthalokom…walidine wa douriyaton saliha
    Alf alf salam 3alaikom we Allah yenfa3 bi Ahmad oumatou Mohamed. Amine.

  54. is there a link were i can hear his resitaion on my computer?

  55. As’salamu aleikom Amera.

    Yes. please visit https://imanflash.wordpress.com/2006/10/05/quran/

  56. Allahy Akhbar,The most beautiful voice I ever heard, Please I want to know his name and where from, also more of his video or cd.

  57. Masha’Allah Masha’Allah! Honestly that’s all that comes to mind, Masha’Allah! peace.

  58. SubhanAllah! I never heard a little boy with such a voice. I´m very very impressed. When i heard it it gives me the creeps. MashaALLAH allah is actually almighty. May ALLAH give him and his family a wonderful life and May Allah bless them!!!

  59. masa allah ….amazing voice…Surley Allah subhana wata alla has gifted this young child.

    May Allah bless you and your family eternally


  60. A.A.
    i an wondered that he pray in what a sweet voice,
    inshallah he became a QUARI.?dua for him
    —-Affan Pathan(INDIA)

  61. mashallah. the voice is heart breakin its so BEAUTIFULL. wish i cud read like dat . inshallah allah make him succeed in the future AMEEN

  62. masahallah masahallah masahallah masahallah
    this is a voice that one cannot stop praising. I AM SHOCKED the boy looks like my cousin but i wished he cud also read like dat. may allah give this voice to mANY OTHER muslims. wassalam

  63. Esselamun Aleykum Ve Rahmetullahı ve Berekatu daımen Ebeda…
    maşallah ne guzel bır zıyafettır bu ne ıclı okuyus…mevlam cumle altın çağa böyle güzellikler nasip eylesin…Dınledıkten sonra bır sey demek olmaz…MASALLAH GUZEL SESLIM MASALLAH…

  64. its really wonderful! one of my friend gave mr the link and when ı clicked on that link ı was really impressed. may Allah helps all the muslims around the world. with Salam and Pray.

  65. asalamualaikum!
    SubhanAllah Allahuakbar!
    May Allah preserve this child from evil n give him n his family prosperity inthis life n in the aakhirah, Aameen.
    We adult Muslims shud b inspired by him n noe that its gettin too late, we’re very close to the end. Will we b praisin Allah on Judgement Day like this boy for grantin us Paradise or will we b among the losers?

  66. mashalah kid has been truely blessed with such a powerful voice at such a young age. may allah swt keep him on the right path and keep us all on the right path for that matter.ameen

  67. ma chaa ALLAH tabaraka ALLAH

  68. Assalato Wassalamo alayka Yarasulullah (Swallallaho aleihiwasallam) Wa Ala Alika Wa Ashabika YahibabAllah (Swallallaho aleihi wasallam).
    who kha jodo karm hay teara nahi sunta hi nahi magnay wala tara

  69. Assalamoalaykum…

    Yes! ,

    Brothers and sisters have all praised the voice –
    and I too shall further add by saying how one is not only blessed with a sweet voice , but is a great prospect for the future as this voice will gain power and will draw people in great numbers Insha-allah.

    What the brothers and sisters have not mentioned is the destiny that awaits a young man???…
    I wish to make dua for this young man to reach the peaks that no man has reached before.. AMEEN!
    May he go on to become not only a historic figure for Islam , but the world..AMEEN!

  70. اللهم ارزقناالذرية الصالحة

  71. SoubhanAllah, MashaAllah The voice of the peace

  72. soubhanalah! THIS CHILDREN READ WITH HIS HEART;is very pur maschaalah!he apply to read good maschaalah

  73. mashalah her voice is so beautiful…alah y5aleh la ahlo ya rab w alah ye7meh w ya rab ygeb rabna agyal metlo ameen be ezen alah
    alah ye7fazoh

  74. Masha’allah! Insha’allah my future son-in-law! 😛

  75. Masallah the kid has got a very beatiful voice. May Allah guide him further and keep him on the right path.
    Has the kid got a name? anyone know?

  76. he has the voice of an angel MashAllah
    i hope he continues doin wot he`s doin

  77. masaallah subhanallah o kocaman yuregınden allah cc sevgısı yayılıyor. o kadar guzel okuyorsun kı senı dinleyenin kalbi aydınlanıyor.masaallah rabbim seni korusun….

  78. MashaAllaah

    may Allaah azzwjal accept all your du’as – ameen

  79. mashallah 3leh

  80. mashalla tabarak al ra7man and may god bless him:)

  81. The link provided for downloading the tilawat (actually, the links at the website the original link connects to) is not working for me. Help, please. Jazakallah Khair

  82. As salaam aleykum
    Elhamdullillah! This is one of the most beautiful Koran recitation I ever heard in my life!!! MasAllah subhanAllah barakatAllah!!. In every moment may Allah give love him and his parents in this life and in the next world. InschAllah!!!

  83. selamun aleyküm…

    very good voice and nice child.

  84. asalamu 3alykom wara7matullah
    i want 2 give all my blessings 2 this wonderfull child and i wish him a great future and allah ybareklo thanks alot

  85. Mashalallah..

  86. may allah grant us such a boy, enough faith to raise our kids to be like him, and may allah grant me and my muslim brothers the right godfearing wives, and may Allah grant our muslim sisters godfearing husbands.

  87. […] Islamic Weirdness […]

  88. very nice mashaallah
    does anyone know his name and where can i get more of him reading the quran

  89. SubhanAllah, what a beautiful recitation. May Allah (SWT) bless this young man and his family (Ameen).

  90. Isn’t this Mohammad Al-Barak? محمد البراك

    If it is him, this website has the entire quran for him:


  91. tek kelimeyle harikaydı.yüce Allah ona hz Ömer gibi çok hoş bir seda ve ancak hakiki müminlerde bulunan ve her müslümanda bulunması gereken kuran aşkı ve onu okuma güzel okomaya çalışma yetenegi sabırı vermiş.çok beyendim Allah razı olsun inş bizde böyle okuyabiliriz… Allah tüm müslümanların yardımcısı olsun..

  92. No, it’s not Mohammad Al-Barak … I believe his name is Ahmad Su’ood. And I doubt there are any other recitations for him now … but I don’t doubt, he’ll reach fame soon insha’Allah 😉

  93. As-salaam Alaikum

    This is one of the most beautiful Koran recitation I ever heard in my life!!!

  94. Sob7an ALLAH, wa al 7amdo LELAH wa ALLAH akbar. AlAHOMA ehdehi ila seraheen mustaqin wa ehdee behi unasan kathireen.

  95. Sob7an ALLAH, wa al 7amdo LELAH wa ALLAH akbar. AlAHOMA ehdehi ila serateen mustaqin wa ehdee behi unathan kathireen.

  96. Assalamualaikum Wr Wb.

    I am speechless.

    All praise to Allah SWT. May Almighty bless Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), this little boy and his parents.


  97. Oh what a Qiraat and that too by such a small kid. We all are spellbound and proud of this young boy whose name and origin I don’t know. Yet I feel pleased to congratulate to his parents who have proved to be a great source of shaping their son in becoming such a high class Qaari. I wish that he may recite the whole Qooran and make available audios and videos to all those ones who love to listen him.
    Keep it up my child may Allah succeed you further and further, Ameen

  98. Mashaa allah. he is fantastic..

  99. ﻪﺗﺎﻛﺮﺑﻭﷲﺍﺔﻤﺣﺭﻭﻢﻜﻴﻠﻋﻡﻶﺴﻟﺍ

    WOW…beautiful recitation, and he made it seem so effortless. May ALLAH protect him and grant him a great future ameen INSHA-ALLAH.

  100. Magnificent!!! .. May god bless him with more memory and long life… and also bless his parents with health and wealth to encourage him more and more…Ameen…Ameen.

    I was stunt to hear this little one’s voice and went speechless.

  101. mashalla
    بسم اللة الرحمن الرحيم” اللهم هب لي من لدنكية صالحة انك سميع الدعاء”

  102. mashalla
    بسم اللة الرحمن الرحيم” اللهم هب لي من لدنك ذرية صالحة انك سميع الدعاء”

  103. selamun aleykum..
    güzele ne denebilir ki..
    Allah anasıbabasından ve onu yetiştirenlerden
    razı olsun..
    baki kalan bu kubbede bir hoş seda imiş..

  104. Assalamo 3alaikom wa ra7mato allah wa barakatoh,
    Mashallah, this child is really gifted with a very nice voice that impress anyone, I pray to God to protect him and bless him. I have a feeling that he will be a figure in the world and most probably a remarkable character.
    I wish him and the arab and muslim world all the best and sincere success in the future.
    God provides to the muslim nation every decade a very respected sheikh to work for islam, this young child will be most probably one of these sheikhs.
    He is a fortune and treasure for us and we shuold support him as much as we can.
    Thanks GOD for everything.
    Salaaaaaamo 3alaikom

  105. Mashalla
    May he be guided to the highest level

  106. Mashallah. . .

  107. Assalamualaikum
    MASHALLAH..THE SWEETEST N MOST SERENE VOICE I HAVE EVER HEARD..i would like more of his recitations..i even feel he should come to know how his vioce has affected the ummah..i really feel there should be an audio if not video recordin of this angels voice of the complete HOLY QURAN

  108. salaam mashallah wat a beautiful voice oh allah bless this child and his parents ameen

  109. MashAllah beautiful God gifted voice and talent. It is no doubt a heavenly voice .
    May I know the childs name and if I can get a complete tape of all the verses read by him and how ?

  110. Amazing! One can easily feel envious!

  111. selamunaleykum maşallah

  112. Masha allah , its a gift from allah SWT.

  113. Mashallah Allah (SWT) has blessed this eight year boy with a very sweet and melodious voice …..May Allah (SWT) bless him and his parents in the best levels of Jennah (AMEEN)


    This is the most beautifull voive i have ever heard.


  115. mashallah, may allah bless him and his parents and may he thank allah taala for providing him with such beautiful qualities and an amazing voice, aameen.

  116. mashallah,mashallah,mashallah,mashallah,mashallah… I can’t say it enough! his vice is gorgeous! subhanalla, he truly does a have an amazing gift from Allah (SWT)

  117. SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah. MashaAllah. This child’s gift to Muslim Ummah. May Allah (SWT) protect this child in this world and reward him in hearafter. (Ameen)

  118. salam
    masALLAh very glad to see such a young kid recite like that ,we should take lesson from him and upbring our children in a way that they read and learn quran as this holy book deserve,,,,

  119. masha allha masha allha DEEN ISLAAM JINDA BAAD

  120. MASHALLAH wot a beautiful voice this child, Ahmad Su’ood has been blessed with.may allah protect him and his family from wrong doings and grant him a place in jannah (ameen).i cant stop lisnin to his voice,i have downloded his other recitations of the Quran and inshallah hope to download the recitation of the yaseen surah in full.
    if anyone does have the recitation of yaseen surah recited by this child plz send it to:

  121. masallah

  122. mashaALLAH……inshaALLAH you will be my son islahoddeen’s inspiration..such a great voice.

  123. MASHAALLAH very beautiful.
    may ALLAH bless all of us with the same gift of recitin the QURAN so beautifully.

  124. nazar de mesin

  125. SoubhanaAllah ! rien à dire .. ça m’a franchement donné les larmes aux yeux le fait d’entendre sa très belle voix (…)
    La Ilaha Illa Allah Mouhamed (saws) Rasoulo Allah

  126. Respected brother
    Assalamun alaiykum.

    Thank you for allowing us to hear a gifted voice of an eight years child. What was recited has to be praised and who has receited has also to be praised. Merciful Lord does not choose any age to be blessed is a short message from this child. May He bless him and his parents for their worthy home work.Amin I am sure he will caurage many more children to open their abilities. God also bless all who did the needfulin this subject. Amin.

  127. excellent

    i wanna be like that

  128. Amazing!

    voice which could go through hearts!

  129. Very nice

  130. yupZ
    very good voice.i luv it.


  132. Jazaak Allah


  134. Mashallah he is Blessed

  135. Mashallah! A truly blessed Muslim kid!

  136. Jazaak Allah!
    A God gifted kid

  137. Very impressed. Mashallah . May God always shower his blessings always. Amin

  138. Assalam o Alaikum
    Mashallah, very pleasing voice. May Allah give him long life and a very good life.
    — Ameen

  139. Mashaa Allah La Kowata ela Be ALLAH

  140. I heard this kid again and he sounded just marvellous!
    is ko sun kar rongtay kharay ho jaatay hain. I sooo wanna be like him!

  141. Mashallah……. subhanallah….

  142. MASHALLAH..!!!!

  143. he is soooo good mash allah

  144. Subhan Allah…:)

  145. السلام عليكم والرحمة

    تبارك الرحمن والله طول وهو يقرا وبدي يقشعر ..

    تبارك الرحمن..

    رب يحفظه يارب ويجعل جميع ابناء المسلمين على نهجه يارب

    وجزا الله اهله خير الجزاء دنيا واخرة يارب ومن نقل الملف لنا في هذه المدونة ..

    وكل عام وانتم بالف خير يارب..

  146. Bu güzellikte okunan kutsal kitabımızın bu güzellikte de yaşanması temennisi ile…

  147. Masallah..Gercekten Cok anlamlı okuyor.ınsanın tuylerı dıken diken oluyor.Allah herkese böyle evlat nasıp etsın…

  148. God Bless him and his family and Allah Give us chance to be a parents like this and also child.


  150. Subhan Allah, I hope that all our sons are like him 🙂

    Ya Rab

  151. As’salamu aleikom everybody.

    You can now download this videoclip in avi format.

  152. Mashallah – that’s amazing! He has a beautiful voice Mashallah!

  153. Wow! its really incredible. We should all aspire to recite like that!!

  154. Mashallah! It is amaing that he can recite so beautifully at such a young age.

  155. Ma SHAALLAH May ALLAH(swt) bless this child and keep him on the Surtal Mustakim

  156. Maybe he recites it well, but I think this is a little bit too exaggerated. He recites it like a song and this is forbidden in Islam. But nevertheless MASHAALLAH a little child like that.

  157. الحمد لله لوجود مثل أحمد في امتنا

  158. He recites very well MashAllah! Keep up The good work Ahmad.. it shows how devoted you are from such a young age! MashAllah..
    And dont listen, to those rude comments you have got here, people are just jealous of your beautiful voice! Keep up the good work forever more!

  159. voice which could go through hearts!

  160. Assalam o Alaikum
    Mashallah, very pleasing voice. May Allah give him long life and a very good life.
    – Ameen


  162. mashaALLAH, amazing voice, a heart breaking that i shed tears and pray that may ALLAH give me children in future who could recite the Holy Qu’ran, like this GOD gifted child. I am a new proclaimed muslim, and this boy is my inspiration.
    God protect him and his family.

  163. Blessed are his parents..and is d Kid!
    may Allah swh bless him and his teacher!

  164. السلام عليكم

    القارئ اسمه أحمد سعود وهو يقرأ بهذا الصوت العذب منذ ان كان عمره 6 سنوات!

    بارك الله فيه وحفظه لأهله وللأمة الاسلامية جمعاء

  165. mashallah its amazing to see such a small child with such a touching and inspiring voice.
    is there any chance of the full version and any other verses of the quran recited by this boy?
    if so, could someone please forward???jazakallah!

    may ALLAH give us all hidayat n bless us in this world and the hereafter.ameen………

  166. رَبَّنَا هَبْ لَنَا مِنْ أَزْوَاجِنَا وَذُرِّيَّاتِنَا قُرَّةَ أَعْيُنٍ وَاجْعَلْنَا لِلْمُتَّقِينَ إِمَامًا

    “Our Lord! Bestow on us from our wives and our offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and make us leaders for the Muttaqûn” (Al-Furqan 25:74)

  167. Assalam O Alaikum.
    I have never heard any child of this age recite HOLY QURAAN in such a sweet manner. Feels like he should just keep reading and affecting peoples hearts all over the world with this KALAM ALLAH and his amazing voice.

  168. AlaikumAlaikum, Mashallah,At this age He has such a sweet & pleasing voice.His voice and Qiraat has moved me.Allah Yubarik feehi.

  169. This child is an angel in disquise may allah swt bless him and his family

  170. very nice wish him the best

  171. Jazakoum Allah khair..
    was looking for this file..


  172. Assalamualikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatuhu,

    May, Allah protect him from the evil eye, and from shaitan. May, Allah guide us to the straight path. Aamen.

  173. assalamualaikum wrb,

    Alhamdullilah, very sweet voice and recitation, may allalh bless him with his choicest blessings.

  174. Salaam alakum
    Moge allah deze jongen beschermen

  175. Mashallah


    May Allah(SWT) bless dat kid…!!! JazakAllah !!

  177. Aslam-alai-kum,

    i want a mp3 file of QURAN……..
    Please send me…….

    Md. Idrish

  178. salam 3alekum,,
    mashaala ,allahu akbar what a wonderfull,lovely voice…


  180. Masha Allah,beautiful voice,may Allah subhanahu wa taala bless him and his family and make all of us[muslims] to recite quran frequently and in correct way,Ameen.

  181. Mashallah… Beautiful qirat…. i wished i cud listen to the full surah…..

  182. الحمد لله لوجود مثل أحمد في امتنا

  183. Salam.
    Simply a recital that touches the heart.My prayers are always with you little kid.And all my muslim brothers and sisters that we may get blessed with righteous spouses and children that prove to be Qurratulain for us all.Ameen.

  184. yeah and another thing.i was wondering if i could get more reitals by the same kid.not just surah muzzammil and tur.

  185. Masha Allah! If all Muslim guardians are interested to teach their children recitation of Holly Quran, they can also recite like him.

  186. I am very happy to hear the recitation of innocent muslim boy – Mashallah! his voice is charming indeed.I wish If his name and origin could be known to us.

  187. Mashallah very nice voice …………………..

  188. Assalam Alaikum
    mashallah may allah bless him and his family and give everyone child like him and inshallah this sound will reach to ecery muslim and once more allah bless him and keep him always happy

  189. MashAllah tabarak Allah, y3el rabi y7af’6ah

  190. assalamualaikum,

    subhanallah… wat a beautiful voice…:)
    may Allah bless u n me..may we get Allah luv n care. amiin

  191. mashallah
    the voice is a great blessing for this boy. may allah give him power to ricite more and more .its beautifull voice i ever heard

  192. As-salaam O Alaikum Wa Rahmath Allah Hi Wa Barakatuh !!! Masha Allah,Masha Allah,SUBHAN ALLAH beautiful voice,may Allah subhanahu wa taala bless him and his family and make all of us[muslims] to recite quran frequently and in correct way,Ameen.

  193. selamun aleykum allah okuyan bacımızdan razı olsum maşallah allah tum bacılarımızad nasib etsin ozelikle humeyra karedşimize nasib etsin allah bizi ayağımızı kuranın verdiği yoldan ayırmasın ayağımızı sabit kılsın kalbimizi dilimizi yureğimizi aklımızı ve tum bedenimizi sabit kılsın alahın selamı inanlar uzerinde olsun selam ve sevgi ile

  194. Mashaallah! amazin!too good for words!

  195. Masha Allah

  196. Mashallah Beautiful voice and state of mind. May Allah guide him to the straight path and keep him and his parents away from the Satan. Subhanallah


  198. mashALLAH, Allah subhan’ut’Allah has bestowed him with a beautiful voice

    May all our children be like him, Ameen

  199. :::íÎìîíÎì::: Masha-Allah-:¦:- -:¦:-lovely (¯`v´¯) awesome (¯`v´¯)fabulous ¸(¯`’·.¸ ¸.·’´¯)¸excellent .:*`*:. beautiful |:::| |:::| magnifique :::íÎìîíÎì::: wonderful *-.,¸¸,.-* splendid • ` · . ` · . • • glorious • ` · . ` · . • • :::íÎìîíÎì:::
    May Allah bless him n all his family

  200. Ma shaa allah la quata illa billah

    Thats a great voive

    but the greater is his parents…for they are the reason of this miracle

    i wish u all the best

  201. والله لنا الفخر ايها المسلمون
    ان يكون لنا مثل هذا الولد الصالح
    الذي جعل القلوب تخشع بهذه الملكه ملكه الصوت العذب
    بارك الله له
    وجزاه الله خير الجزاء

  202. ما شاء اللة واللة يكثر من امثال هذا الولد

  203. ما شاء اللة علية واللة يخلية لامة وابوة

  204. Mashallah, may Allah bless him,

  205. very happy to listen to the voice

  206. ماشاء الله الله يحفظك ويبارك في والديك وكل من علمك وأطعمني يالله بولداً مثلة صالح

  207. ما شا الله بارك الله قيك وفي والدييك وكل من علمك حرفاً, اللهم أني أسئلك ذرياً صالحة يكون من حفظة كتاب الكريم

  208. ما شاء الله

    الله اكبر ولله الحمد

    الله يحفظه ويبارك بيه

    وكل الاحترام لاهلو الذين شجعوه علا تلاوه القران

    الله اكبر ولله الحمد

  209. ماشاء الله

    تبارك الرحمن..

  210. mashaLLah
    Love iman fLash
    Love Yaseen
    Love the boy
    اللهم صل وسلم على حبيبك سيدنا محمد وعلى أهل الله وآل البيت النبوي

  211. may almighty god save you i wish that all our childrens dellow blessed ahmed . for sure he live in islamic society and having good parents . salam alykum

  212. ASALAMO ALAYKOME WA RAHMATOU ALAHI WA BARAKATOUHO? ما شاء الله نسال الله من فضله العضيمة نعم هده ثربية الاسلامية علمنا اياه رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم ,لا نربي اولادنا على حب الغناء و تعلمه اسال الله ان يوفقنا الى تربية ابنائنا عاى الوجه الدي يحبه الله و يرضى.

  213. Wow, words cant describ the feeling this childs voice gave me. God bless.

  214. مشاء الله
    الله يحميه ويهديه ويجعله من حسن عباده ويغفر له ذونبه والله ارحم الرحمين

  215. oh ya raab.!! so nice vice ..
    may Allah bless him and also bless the child like him

  216. may ALLAH bless him and guide him the straight path

  217. may ALLAH bless him and guide him the straight path. may ALLAH guide all the muslims right path. ameen

    Love iman fLash
    Thats a great voive

    but the greater are his parents and his teacher…for they are the reason of this miracle and pray to allah for his best life.

    i wish u all the best

    What a great honor for his family,he is spending his exhalation by reading Holy Qur`an.What can a family want more?
    May Allah bless him and all muslim and muslimahs.

    salam alykum

  220. asalam 3alykom alah yahfad ahmed yarab

  221. assalamualikum,
    masha allah, may allah continue to bless this child and his family insha allah.
    thanks for sharing it.

  222. مشاء الله تبارك الله وفقه الله

  223. God bless him and his parents.. yolbes ahlaho al taaj fel janna be2ethnella

  224. Mashallah, may Allah bless him,

    may almighty god save you i wish that all our childrens dellow blessed ahmed . for sure he live in islamic society and having good parents . salam alykum

    i wish u all the best

  225. thankyou

  226. tym

  227. Subhanallah………….able to recite Qur’an with sweet voice …. that is the gift of God His Almighty…………
    God blessed this child with the same. Would like to hear more ayaas and suras from this kid.

    Abdul Salam Kayakkodi

  228. الله يحفظه ويحفظ الجميع
    عسى الله ينفع به الاسلام والمسلمين
    ويجزي اهله كل خير على هذه التربيه ونعم التربيه الله يحفظهم

  229. ما شاء الله صوت عذب جدا الله يخليه لأهله يارب

  230. صوته وايد وايد وايد زين

  231. dragon.love.3@hotmail.comصوته رائع وجميل و أجمل من الجميل جمالا والله نعم المربي ونعم المتربي

  232. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    جعل الله ابننا من المقرئين المنتفع بهم لخير الامة الاسلامية جمعاء وجعل اجر ما قرا من كتاب الله له ولوالديه ,,,,,,,,آآمين يا رب العالمين
    حفظك الله

  233. mashaAllah,his voice is realy beautiful

  234. mashallah 3lih baraka allahou lahou fi saoutihi wa 3ilmihi

  235. Subhaan ALLAH!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    What is the name of this Qaria???????

  236. MASHALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. maşallah allah razı olsun rabbim ne güzel bi ses vermiş ya

  238. maşallah

  239. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    Subhanallah………….able to recite Qur’an with sweet voice …. that is the gift of God His Almighty…………
    God blessed this child with the same. Would like to hear more ayaas and suras from this kid.

    Shaikh Jamil
    surat Gujarat

  240. asslam alikum really veary veary beauty full voice mashalla i want like this voice

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