Amr khaled “Alay khuta alhabib”


Download the episodes without English subtitles, here!

Download the episodes with English subtitles, here!


Watch online (without English subtitles):

Amr khaled – part 1…d&search=islam

Amr khaled – part 2…d&search=islam

Amr khaled – Part 4…d&search=islam

Amr khaled – Part 5…d&search=islam

Amr khaled – Part 6…d&search=islam

Amr khaled – Part 7…d&search=islam

Amr khaled – Part 8…d&search=islam

Amr khaled – Part 9…d&search=islam

Amr khaled – Part 10…d&search=islam

Amr khaled – Part 12…d&search=islam

Amr khaled – Part 13…d&search=islam

Amr khaled – Part 15…h=amr%20khaled

Amr khaled – Part 16…h=amr%20khaled

Amr khaled – Part 18…h=amr%20khaled

Amr khaled – Part 19…h=amr%20khaled

Amr khaled – Part 20…h=amr%20khaled

Amr khaled – Part 21…h=amr%20khaled

Amr khaled – Part 22…h=amr%20khaled

Amr khaled – Part 23…h=amr%20khaled

Amr khaled – Part 25…h=amr%20khaled

Amr khaled – Part 26…h=amr%20khaled

Amr khaled – Part 27…h=amr%20khaled

Amr khaled – Part 28…h=amr%20khaled


19 kommentarer

  1. jazakum Allaah khayran for this effort

    I have one request.. could you add direct links for downloading episodes of “Ala Khuta AlHabeeb”

    Thank you

  2. salam ou3laykoum je suis triste de constater ke pour avoir accès à des émissions intéressantes sur l’islam il faut etre arabophone. J’ai cherché les émissions de amr khaled sous titrées en anglais sans succès et meme sur le site officiel ils sont illisibles.

    if someone can give me links to download english subtitled videos of amr khaled… seems that only arabic speaking people can enjoy these beautifull shows.

  3. As’salamu aleikom.

    Please visit:


  4. assalamo alaikm
    jazaka Allaah khayran

    do u have “ala khota al-habeeb” with english subtitles?

    wa alaikm assalam

  5. Wa’aleikom es’salam stranger.

    Nope. I don’t have “ala khota al-habeeb” with English subtitles at this moment.

    But if anyone got them, please tell us.

    Imanflash Admin.

  6. Det er sku mega flot

  7. JazakAllahu Khairun the Amr Khaled lectures. I have been looking for them for a long time. May Allah Bless you and your organization.

    Do you know where I could find Amr Khaled lectures in English of the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (saw)?

  8. Do you know where I could find Amr Khaled lectures in English. please send me an e-mail if u do.
    JazakAllahu Khairun

  9. Assalamu alaikum,

    I think I can get you these lectures with English subtitles as well as Bismika Nahya series. Are you still wanting these? Please let me know.


  10. One more thing,

    These files have been deleted from rapidshare (from islamfiles website). I have downloaded those files and can upload them on Megaupload on permanent links. Please let me know if you are interested.

  11. If you can upload all the Bismika Nahya series in english (a few are still missing) and the entire prophet (saw) series in english (Nowhere to be found so far) that will be great.

  12. #Omar

    There are only 5 non-english episode of “Besmika Nahya”. (1, 7, 8, 20 and 22). So, if anyone got them, please tell us.

    “On the path of the beloved” can be found right here:
    both with and without english subtitles.

    Imanflash admin.

  13. Dear brother assalamu alaikum,

    I have the whole series with english subtitles except 2 episodes I guess. So could you please be more specific and tell which one you want so I can look for it? I mean which one of the 99 names?

  14. May Allah bless you and reward you

  15. i would be so pleased if anyone can get the rest of the 3alay al khuta al 7abib series in english because there are only 19 of the 29 with english subtitles posted in the link above. (13-19, 24 and 28 are left) is it possible to get them for anyone here? i would thank you so much.

  16. جزاكم الله خيرا
    لكن اخي العزيز حلقات على خطى الحبيب ليست عالية الجودة
    ابحث عن حلقات على خطى الحبيب عالية الجودة لتحميلها
    جزاك الله خيرا

  17. merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  18. أكرمكم الله كرما يليق بجلاله

  19. Assalamu aleykum, jazakum Allah khayran for these wonderful lectures, could somebody tell me where I can get the rest of the lectures.

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